Popular Electric Car Models

Electric cars are becoming more popular; almost every manufacturer has introduced an electric car onto the car market. If you’re not familiar with electric cars, it can be hard to decide which to purchase. Here are some popular electric car models and a bit about each model so you can make a more informed decision.

Peugeot e-2008

For those looking for a practical vehicle for the entire family, the Peugeot-2008 fits many of these requirements. It has enough space in the back for large adults and space in the boot for luggage. In addition to space, this vehicle has lots of modern cons that make driving with a car full of people practical and convenient. It has USB-C charging, an innovative 3D cockpit and induction charging. You can also connect your device straight to the car using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Overall, this car is well thought out and provides everything a family needs from an electric crossover.

Kia EV6 

The Kia EV6 is a family car that also feels sporty. The miles on this car are impressive, in a single charge, you can expect to achieve 300 miles. It also has fast charging capability, so you can get back on the road quickly if you need to stop and charge on the route. This car also features an impressive interior display which includes two curved 12.3-inch screens that control the infotainment system and digital instrument panel. The Kia EV6 is also very practical, with plenty of space in the boot to carry family items. However, other options on the market have more space. Still, for the average family, the Kia EV6 is practical and spacious. 

Fiat 500

If a small city car is more your style and you want to opt for something electric, take note of the Fiat 500. This all-electric car is stylish and has everything you need to buzz around the city without paying clean air zone charges. You can get a long-range and a city-range version of the electric Fiat 500. The city range will take you 115 miles on a single charge, whereas the long-range version has a range of 199 miles on a single charge. Depending on the spec you choose, you can opt for a touchscreen infotainment system, climate control and wireless charging. This city car has lots of stylish features and good build quality; it can also be purchased for a reasonable price, new or used, by searching for used electric cars in the UK.

Tesla Model 3

When you think about electric cars, many people consider Tesla as the top electric car manufacturer. Tesla Model 3 is an executive saloon, perfect for making an impression at any business meeting. Tesla Model 3 has an outstanding driving range of 267 miles on a single charge and an impressive amount of power and acceleration to go with this long range. Inside the Tesla Model 3, things are very minimalistic; it has a 15-inch touchscreen which is used to control the infotainment centre. The Tesla Model 3 interior is nothing like anything you’ve seen before; some people love this minimal look, while others feel lost without the usual dashboard full of buttons. 

Before you buy an electric car, make sure you take the time to view and test drive several different car models. By doing this, you can find out your preferences and what you need in a vehicle. Another important consideration is the range you actually need. Many people are concerned about the range offered by electric cars. However, very few people drive more than 100 miles a day, so this would be plenty for 95% of the time they’re driving. The infrastructure of electric charging stations is rapidly growing; there are now more charging stations than petrol stations in the UK. So don’t let the three trips a year you do over 100 miles per day put you off getting an electric car. 

The current price of electric cars is making it challenging for many households to make the switch; they not only need to buy a more expensive car but pay for a charging point to be installed. However, as the number of second-hand electric cars grows, the prices will also reduce, making them more affordable for the average household.